Mike Fellows

The Pro-Family, Proven Conservative candidate for

Lee County Family Court Judge

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October, 2009

Dear Neighbor,

     Hi, my name is Mike Fellows and I am  a candidate to follow Judge Richard Lane as Lee County Family Court Judge.  Judge Lane asked me to be his Referee six years ago to hear the cases on his behalf and make decisions on the evidence presented at Court.  For six years, I have heard stories from the hurting people all over Lee County. I’ve seen those children who have only the Court to protect them from abandonment or abuse. I’ve seen them as they grow up and only have the Court to teach them -through consequences- that bad conduct leads to a bad life. I’ve seen many, many families struggle through divorce and the problems that go along with it. One thing all these people have in common is that they are hurting.  In turn, some of them are hurting others as well.

    The breakdown of the family unit is the source of all kinds of trouble in our classrooms, our neighborhoods and our community. And that’s why I believe it’s vital that Lee County’s Family Court remain Pro-Family. All children and families are created with a special purpose. The Family Court is uniquely situated to meet them at what seems like the bottom and direct their attention to their God-given potential. If we take advantage of that opportunity, we can affect families, children, classrooms, and all of Lee County.

     I am running for Lee County’s Family Court Judge because God has given me a passion for people, a desire to defend the innocent and a heart to help guide the misguided. I pray that all those who come before me may see a man struggling to make the best of bad situations and may know that the decisions and discipline I render are a loving attempt to do justly and love mercy.

     Our family would appreciate your prayers and support as I seek to continue serving Lee County, albeit on a full time basis, as Judge Lane retires. This race will be expensive and time consuming, but it is very important. Other than our churches and schools, perhaps no institution is more vital to our community. So we certainly thank you for your help.

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Thanks, and God Bless You,

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